Logo Strider VR

products - creations - locations

Realistically showcase your creations.
Let customers experience your solutions.
Exhibit the new home before it is even built.

Logo Strider VR

allows you and your customers
to naturally stride through virtual
renderings of your ideas and creations.

Create convincing experiences.

Logo Strider VR

is not tied to any specific software solution
and therefore can be integrated into almost
any new or existing virtual reality application.

Due to its compact size and low profile,
it can easily be integrated into confined
spaces with the ball grid array seamlessly
embedded into the flooring of a showroom.

No special clothing or footwear is required,
just step onto the platform and stride along. (*)

(*) Due to the nature of movement within a virtual environment, limiting the perception of the physical world, safety precautions are advised.

Transform your showroom

into an endless space.