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We are looking for partners!

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Making a natural walking experience possible in virtual environments

Unique design to enable automatic compensation of body rotation and linear movement.

We are looking for professional partners!

A next-generation virtual reality treadmill

The smart and simple design, as well as the sturdy construction, are the key features to its smooth and reliable function.

No special clothing or footwear is required

Just step onto the platform and stride along!

Full body tracking capabilities

Enabling a natural interaction with the virtual environment using your limbs, hands and fingers without the need for an additional controller.

Compact size and low profile

Is easily integrated into confined spaces with the ball grid array seamlessly embedded into the flooring of a showroom.

Allows precise and quick 360 degree body scans

For accurate avatar representations in virtual worlds.

Not tied to any specific software solution

Therefore can be integrated into almost any new or existing virtual reality application.

Individual designs

Choose from different color designs for the ball grid.

Featured in c't Magazine

StriderVR was featured in one of Germany's leading magazines for computer technology, "c't" (issue 2017/15, page 62ff). 

The author took a "stride" on the striderVR platform through our demo VR environment, also using an Oculus Rift and a Leap Motion controller. He describes his experience as "totally wonderful" after a short period of getting used to the platform.