Frequently Asked Questions


Frequently Asked Questions

1. Availability

1.1 Where can I buy striderVR?

A: striderVR was manufactured in small quantities for selected scientific and industrial applications. It is not available for purchase and there a recurrently no plans to produce any more units.

2. Technical

2.1 What is striderVR and how does it work?

A: striderVR consists of a rotatable ball array arranged on top of a treadmill. Attached with a body tracking system it is able to compensate your movements while walking. Please refer to the developers section for more detailed informations.

2.2 Which games and applications will support striderVR?

A: striderVR is an open hardware plattform to be supported by nearly any kind of VR application. Please refer to the developers section for more detailed informations.

2.3 Can I play ego shooter games with striderVR?

A: striderVR is not designed to compensate for long term lateral movements (side steps) as well as for very quick changes in direction like necessary for fast ego shooter games.

2.4 What is the size and weight of striderVR?

A: striderVR is 1.20m x 1.05m x 0.15m (length x width x height) and weights 59kg.

2.5 How fast can I run on striderVR?

A: striderVR is intend for a walking speed up to 6 km/h but not for running or jogging.

2.6 Which additional hardware is necessary to use striderVR?

A: You need a VR ready PC with a Microsoft Kinect 2 and VR headset attached. For enhanced hand and finger tracking a Leap Motion Controller is recommend.

3. Safety

3.1 Do I need special clothes or footwear to use striderVR?

A: You can use strider with every outfit and flat shoes, no special clothing or footwear is necessary, just enter the platform and stride along.

3.2 Which saftey measures are mandatory to use striderVR?

A: To prevent any injury in case of stumbling inside the virtual experience an easy to slip in tackle around the chest or underneath the armpit is recommend.

4. Comfort

4.1 How much training is necessary to feel comfortable on striderVR?

A: If you trust in the reliable function of striderVR it takes less than three minutes at your first ever stride to feel comfortable.

4.2 Can I use my limbs, hands and fingers in the virtual world with striderVR?

A: Yes, it is one of striderVRs most outstanding abilitys, to enable a full body presence in VR. Please refer to the developers section for more detailed informations.